A HUGE, teary, heartfelt THANK YOU to Robert Irvine and the Restaurant Impossible team.  How you packed so many moments captured over the 2 days you were here into under an hour is beyond me!  We cannot begin to show our appreciation for all that you have done for us.  And to all of you who watched the show tonight and have been supporting us THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!


Stacey, Pops and Team Trails :-)

  1. Kevin Ezratty

    Just saw the show, gonna come have breakfast next week! Cheers

  2. Randall & Cynthia Burton

    Congratulations Trails Restaurant. We visited the San Diego area in January 2010 and fell in love with it. We are big fans of the show Restaurant Impossible and want to wish you and your family the best.

  3. Ashley Ta

    I am watching restaurant impossible and i am new to
    this area so i will def. be heading your way for some good food!!!

  4. Melissa Evans

    My husband and I just watched Restaurant: Impossible. We live in Jacksonville, Illinois, and will be in San Diego visiting our daughter and grandchildren the week of Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to dropping by The Trails for a meal.

  5. Donald Eret

    Enjoyed the TV show. Good Luck to you and your business.

  6. Jason

    Hello The Trails,

    Great show tonight! The place looks great, and I’ll make sure to stop by once in San Diego! Congrats!


  7. Mary Beth Manderson

    We just finished watching your restaurant’s renovation on Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine. We live only about 10 minutes away and will definitely be checking our Trail Eatery!! Congratulations!

  8. Robert McKinney

    What a wonderful transformation Robert Irvine and his team did for your restaurant “Trails”. The food
    looks great and now you have the decor to match.
    Great cooking staff too. Wish I lived in San Diego,
    I’d try your restaurant without hesitation.
    One of the best RI episodes so far.

    Hope you attain all the success you so richly deserve.

    Cheers, Robert

    It’s silly to say, but happy trails to you Stacey and
    Pops too.

  9. Austine

    Hi Stacey I can not believe the amazing work Robert did with your business. I own a small restaurant here in NJ and I can see me and my wife in the same shoe you were. We are 4yrs now into the business and we are about to loose our house. My Wife has never been paid. We just did a little renovation to reintroduce the place, it pulled in customer for a while and it’s slowed down again. I am looking to apply to see if Robert will come to my restaurant. We currently sit 34 people, we were looking to expand but somehow there was a divine intervention and I tank GOD we did not expand. I have a question, Since after the taping of the show has things really improved financially?
    You can email me with the email above or
    Thanks and good luck.

  10. Andrea

    watched REstaurant Impossible. The place looks amazing. Stacey has a great personality. I wish you good luck with the dinner menu :)

  11. John Reyes

    Hey guys! I’m John a fellow server from New York City and I just saw the show! Congratulations and lots of luck with the new menu and space!! I was so moved and excited for you guys that after watching I called to see if you were still doing dinner service and to say congrats! What a warm and sweet staff you have there…loving the mom and pop vibe and hope that you get more familly time. hope I get to visit you on the west coast someday! Good luck and make money!!

  12. Winston

    Glad to see things turn around for you! I work at a restaurant as a server and enjoy watching this show. As a business-minded person, starting his financial life over, I love seeing lives improve. Keep up the great work!

  13. dj

    watched the show tonight. Great job by Robert, I will sure come in and try trails soon
    Good Luck for the future

  14. Steven

    Watching the show now, totally going here for breakfast tomorrow.

  15. Martin

    Just saw your episode on the food network! Awesome, gonna have to check it out! Looking forward to checking out a place in my city. :D

  16. Robyn

    I just finished watching “Restaurant Impossible” and will make a point of coming to your eatery. It looks so bright and cheery and you have some interesting menu items. Gluten-free is a bonus as my daughter has very limited choices of places that offer that and do it right by having separate cooking pots, etc.

    Congratulations on your success!

  17. Tien S.

    I just watched your episode on Restaurant Impossible. I have to say that you guys seem very genuine. I’m happy to hear you guys are doing well. I hope the best for you in the future. Hopefully i’ll make it to your restaurant one of these days. :)

  18. Arvid Russell

    Stacey, Pops and the Trails Team. We look forward to visiting your restaurant next time we’re in town! The decor and food looks great!
    Blessings, Arvid & Emy


    We’re very happy to see this show.

    We’re from Dana Point CA. My family and I are planning to go to your restaurant. We love Restaurant Impossible show. We were very excited about The Trails restaurant is in San Diego.

    See you soon.

  20. Ace Parker

    I just saw the episode, and I will come by tomorrow for a meal!! The place looks amazing!!

  21. John

    I hope your passion brings you all the success you deserve Stacey, and looking forward to visiting your restaurant next time I am in San Diego. God’s Speed Trails…

  22. Esther

    Stacey, I watched the show last night and I so wish the restaurant was in Chicago, where I live, to eat there everyday. Unfortunately I am milles away from San Diego,, but I just wanted to wish you good luck with this new period ahead of you, and tell you that you and your dad are the nicests persons. Your dad must be very proud of you. Take care!

  23. Thomas

    Hi, loved watching the restaurant and success turnaround on the food network. Next time I’m in San Diego, lunch and dinner will be on my mind :O)


  24. Elsa& Gabe

    Hi Team Trails!!

    Your show rocked yesterday and the food looks super tasty! We are locals North County my husband and I googled your address as we were watching the show and are planning on taking a family trip with our 15 months baby boy for some breakfeast!

    I love the healthy Concept

    <3 the Limon Family!

  25. Elsa& Gabe

    Hi Team Trails!

    Just wanted to shoot out a suggestion, maybe you should start a Facebook page? I will definitely share your website on my FB account!

    Elsa Limon

  26. Jim Shemanski

    I LOVED the show, and the owner is a very sweet woman!! We will be visiting next week, for dinner.
    much love,
    Jim S.

  27. Janine Clark

    I watched Restaurant Impossible last night and was so moved by the story and how happy you and your crew looked at the end, from a San Francisco chef to your team, much luck and best wishes for your continued success. My nephew is stationed in San Diego part of our wonderful naval armed forces…I will recommend him and his crew stop in and dine in your fine establishment… Kudos!!!

  28. Richard Light

    Good job

  29. JP Laplagne

    I just saw the show Restaurant Impossible. I live in the neighborhood and looking forward to coming in and enjoying your new success! I can’t wait!

  30. cheryl witt

    hi guys–i just watched the show–your place looks great–we will be in–I love Robert
    Best wishes to you:)

  31. Chelsea Archer

    I must have one the ‘bacon is a vegetable’ shirts. Where can I get one?

  32. Rosemond Alvarez

    I watched the show last night and it was awesome. I want to go eat there to help you pay your Pops back ;) Good luck.

  33. Emily

    Hello and congrats from Milwaukee!
    Loved watching the episode. Stacey, loved your energy, style and passion.

  34. Joanne Hall

    Congratulations! We just watched the show and cannot wait to get out there to visit. We live in RI but hope to travel soon. Stacey you are gorgeous and a breath of fresh air! Best if luck!

  35. thetrails

    Thanks for the best wishes Joanne! Hope you stay warm in RI this winter, and please stop by whenever you get the chance to travel to SD – it is a GREAT city. :-) Stacey

  36. thetrails

    Thanks for tuning in Emily! It was as great to have the RI team at the Trails as it appeared. Have a great day! :-) Stacey

  37. thetrails

    Thanks Rosemond. We had a great first week after the show…looks like some other folks felt the same way. We’re so grateful! :-) Stacey

  38. thetrails

    After selling out rather quickly, We are happy to be selling them again! Send me an email if you would like to buy one!
    We have “Butter is a Food Group” and “Bacon is a Vegetable”

  39. thetrails

    We LOVE Robert too! Thanks for watching!

  40. thetrails

    Thanks JP! Hope to see you soon :-) Stacey

  41. thetrails

    thanks! :-) Stacey

  42. thetrails

    Thank you Chef Janine! I will pass the well wishes on to the crew. They really are my HEART! I couldn’t do it without them! We will be honored to have your nephew and crew come into TheTrails. We are so lucky to have a LOT of active duty and retired armed forces families that join us – I hope they feel right at home. Thanks for watching! :-) Stacey

  43. thetrails

    AWWW thanks Jim! :-) Stacey

  44. thetrails

    Hi Elsa –
    I really do need to get the little facebook, hyperlink, button thing (can you tell how tech savvy I am?) added to the front of our website….actually, I’m going to email my AMAZINGLY, tech savvy website guru right now! In the meantime, please do LIKE us on Facebook. Search The Trails Eatery and you should find us. Hope you are following soon! :-) Stacey
    Cant wait to meet the little one!

  45. thetrails

    Thank you! Look forward to your next trip to SD. Be sure to say HI! :-) Stacey

  46. thetrails

    Thanks Esther! My Dad is AMAZING! He hasn’t stopped smiling (or working) since Wednesday. Chicago is on the top of my list (along with New Orleans) of US destinations to visit and EAT! Thanks again for watching and for your sweet note. :-) Stacey

  47. thetrails

    Thank you John :-) Stacey

  48. thetrails

    I hope you loved it! Thanks for watching. :-) Stacey

  49. thetrails

    Hi Marisol,
    We look forward to your next trip South. Be sure to say hi when you are in. I LOVE your name! :-) Stacey

  50. thetrails

    Thanks Arvid and Amy! :-) Stacey

  51. thetrails

    Thanks for watching Tien! Restaurant Impossible has been like winning the Restaurant lottery. We hope to say hello to you in person one day. :-) Stacey

  52. thetrails

    Hi Robyn,
    I’m so happy to hear that our Gluten Free menu is helpful for you daughter! We’re very particular about avoiding cross contamination. I hope that you both love it when you come in! See you soon. :-) Stacey

  53. Rose

    Hi Stacey and Pop,
    I was so impressed by seeing you guys in Restaurant Impossible. If we ever come to San Diego then we will love to visit ur place. I wish u guys a very good luck and all the best guys.
    God bless u always.

  54. Ken Klosowski

    Am I the only one who thought that Robert and his crew destroyed her already cute and light vibrant dining area? Puke green paint and wallpaper?? Are you kidding me. I actually feel bad for Stacy and her place cause i felt she was doing a very good job before he came. Huge dissapointment from Robert and the show in general! I really hope this place survives in lieu of what was done to it…

  55. Paul

    Just watched the show. The restaurant looks great. Robert and his team have done it again. Stacey, I hope all your dreams come true, you deserve it. As a side note, Stacey you are a gorgeous electrifying woman. You could be serving burnt toast and I would come in just to see you.

  56. Chris

    Our familiy saw the airing of your episode last night and ventured out from Scripps Ranch to check it out this morning. My 11 yo daughter w/ Celiac was thrilled with all the selections on your Gluten Free Menu. She said it was the best pancake she ever had. I had the corn beef hash and eggs and it was spectacular! We will be back.

  57. Jennifer

    Saw the RI episode last night! Wishing you and Pops continued success! Glad you decided to do dinner-you had me stressing! :)

  58. Kathy

    Saw this show–love Robert Irvine and what he does. Your place is beautiful and while I do not live on the west coast and can’t get there, I’m sure everything is delicious! What I want to know is what is that wallpaper??? It’s gorgeous and would match my decor. Any help would be appreciated.

  59. Mary Johnson

    I have watch your episode several times. Can’t believe the beautiful transformation.

    Love the wall paper. Any idea where they got it?

  60. Mary Johnson

    I have watched your episode several times. Can’t believe the beautiful transformation.

    Love the wall paper. Any idea where they got it?

  61. Cammie

    a awesome change and makeover! I hope all is well with the Trails eatery. It looks amazing. It was a very good and brave idea opening for dinner.

    Love the green earthy look!!!!

    That was a teary eyed episode!!!

  62. Pete

    I hope you carry the lessons learned daily and add a good marketing person/team to sell you. I’m a Navy veteran and know that you could well sell to the Navy community. Quick story; in Norfolk, my buddy off the ship and I would do our laundry just a couple of blocks from a little restaurant in a coin-op, then go eat at the restaurant, come back to our laundry and finish it. Frankly, single Navy people eat out a lot and often at all hours (usually evenings). We always liked beef! A good strougenoff is hard to come by!
    Just a thought……….Pete

  63. Rob from Long Island

    I just watched the episode and I’m suddenly , hopelessly smitten with Stacey!!
    Wow, what a lovely woman! :)

  64. Kimberly

    just watched your episode,cried like a baby !!!!! Every last one of you are sooo deserving of this!!!!!!!! Cheers to all of you,wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous new year!!!! :)

  65. Mark

    Just finished watching here in Fresno, CA. Bringing the family next time we’re in the area! Best of luck Trails!

  66. James Moy

    I notice most of the above comments took place right after the Restaurant Impossible show in 2010. Hope you are still in business!!! Am coming this February 2011; bringing my brother and his wife from Wisconsin, too! Looking forward to meeting you.

  67. Shirley

    Do you know when the show about your place will air again?

    We had brunch with you, onion soup was amazing. Do you want to share the recipe?

    Thanks for a great meal.


  68. Carol Danley

    Saw your restaurant on Restaurant Impossible and loved that you have gluten free options. A friend who has celiac and I have you on our list to try for the gluten free options. Would like to know your dinner days and hours. Thanks.

  69. Jabari Callahan

    I watched the show on Restaurant Impoosible.It truely touched me a powerful way !! I was so moved by all that had happened. I just have one question.. DId you’ll go back to dinner? Our was that just for the grandopening : ) i live in Jacksonville Florida so I hope to stop in one day when I am back in California

  70. Gerald Bales

    Just watched replay of Restaurant Impossible. Trails is only a few miles from family we visit. We are looking forward to coming in and having breakfast next time we visit La Mesa. Congratulations on the turn around and we cant wait to visit.


  71. Gabby

    I just watched a replay of the show and fell in love with your place!! Def can’t wait to try it out!! And I live like 10 min awAy! So I’m happy about that:) can’t wait to meet the staff!!!

  72. Kaz Michael Rossetto

    I just saw this show on The Food Network on Sun., April 29, 2012 (it was a re-run) and I’m so glad I caught this episode! I live in Chicago Heights, IL and unfortunately, will not be visiting the San Diego, CA area any time soon, but I wish we had your restaurant in my city…or nearby (I live approx. 34-miles south of Chicago). I so wish I could help support what I believe to be a terrific place to eat and socialize. God Bless and God Speek with continued success :)

  73. Kaz Michael Rossetto

    Spelling Correction! God SPEED (sorry ’bout that)!

  74. Grace

    If I’m ever in the area, I will definitely have to stop in! This was by far the best episode of RI I’ve seen! Stacy, so happy for you!

    And for those asking about the wallpaper, you can find it here (it’s called Lacework and comes in different colors):

  75. Ron Piggott

    I saw you on Restaurant Impossible. I am very excited for what this means for your family and staff! May God bless you richly as you serve your community. Ron

  76. Greg

    I love the fact that your restaurant, out of all the ones on Restaurant Impossible, has been the only one which started out properly clean and with good food. When I see a restaurant on RI which is filthy I always wonder if the staff that didn’t care about cleaning previously would keep up the new cleanliness standards. I’m so glad to know that your restaurant was clean from the start.

    You started out on a good footing and just needed help managing and marketing the business. That’s a great place to be.

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  81. Susan

    I hope you win on Food Stars!!!! Good luck girl!

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  84. ed duncan

    So happy to see you made it! Your family was so cute and charming I was rooting for you all the way… big time!


  85. ed duncan


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  88. Paulin

    I just finished watching the episode of Restaurant Impossible that featured your restaurant and fell in love with the décor of your establishment. Do you know what the wallpaper that Tanya used is called?

  89. thetrails

    The wall paper is no longer being made or sold anywhere. We found this out when we needed to replace some due to a flood last year. Sorry!

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